Bathorium Bath Bomb in J'adore Match

Bathorium Bath Bomb in J'adore Match

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Bathorium Bath Bomb (J'adore Matcha)

Bathers, meet one of Bathorium's signature bombs, J'adore Matcha. Matcha green tea has ancient sought out properties that naturally detoxify the skin's outer layer and helps retain moisture throughout the day.

Size: 300 g

Features & Benefits:
  • Fragrance Free
  • Matcha green tea and peppermint moisturising bath bomb
  • Enzymes in green tea proven to reduce the look of sun damage
  • Bathorium uses matcha with a silky combination of butters and peppermint oils
Usage Instructions:
  1. Get naked.
  2. Fill the tub half way.
  3. Drop in the bomb.
  4. Get in. You've earned it.