Bathorium Bath Bomb in Mamas Perch

Bathorium Bath Bomb in Mamas Perch

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Bathorium Bath Bomb (Mamas Perch)

The fizz in Mamas Perch releases a cascade of orange, rose and ylang ylang essential oils along with skin softening sea salts and hydrating cocoa butter.

Size: 283 g

Features & Benefits:
  • Coconut milk creates a creamy frothy lather and real rose petals float subtly to the surface
  • Light fragrance of gardenia and geraniums
Usage Instructions:
  1. Fill tub with warm water, optimal temperature 38° C.
  2. Add 1/2 cup or 1 packet of CRUSH under running water.
  3. Get naked.
  4. Get in. You've earned it.