Davines The Restless Circle Mask

Davines The Restless Circle Mask

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Davines The Restless Circle Hair Mask

On the go, invisible anti-breakage hair mask. With chia seed extract. For active people who love sports and are on the go, but don't want stop for a hair treatment.

Hair Type & Condition: For all hair types

Features & Benefits:
  • Gives the hair body and makes it stronger and more elastic
  • Restores stressed hair from an active life
Usage Instructions:
  • Designed to be applied on dry hair, the unique texture has been formulated to be near invisible on hair.
  • Apply a small quantity on lengths and ends only and comb through to keep hair looking natural.
  • It will protect the hair while working out or doing other activities.
  • It has a flexible setting time, meaning that you can adjust how long you chose to leave it on according to your daily activities.
  • It can also be used overnight.
  • To rinse out, simply wet the hair and shampoo as usual and follow with conditioner if needed.